• casual: convenient option for casual usage
  • secret: for a more intense threat model, for example, if you are a blogger in Florida
  • avoid: something recommended by other privacy guides that I would avoid

web browser

brave is a browser with its own cryptocurrency, if you love the indie web, and want to keep it free, say no to web3

operating system

see also: paranoid nixos, remote LUKS unlocking for nixos over ssh and Tor and keep an eye out for Spectrum OS, an OS that will combine qubes-like virtualization with nixos’ ability to generate minimal VMs

search engine

meta search engines just proxy searches to duckduckgo or google, what’s the point?


  • casual: matrix
  • secret: no recommendation
  • avoid: signal

signal is not on f-droid and they have some pretty lame excuses for not allowing builds of their app to be distributed outside of their own pre-compiled binaries


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